Take Charge

Your Turn to TAKE CHARGE

In the pediatric clinic, it is usually parents who manage their kids’ health care and make important decisions. But now you are gradually becoming the person who takes charge of your own health.

We know that it can sometimes be a confusing and even scary time.  This website is designed to help, and your home medical team wants to help too. Here are 3 reasons why we think it’s important that you take charge of your health:

  1. It’s natural. You become more independent about a lot of things during your teenage years – why would it be any different with your health?
  2. Preparation is power. When you’re seen at an adult hospital most doctors and nurses will expect you to know about your heart condition and your opinions and input can shape your care. It’s helpful to learn this gradually before you arrive for your first clinic visit!
  3. Your best you. We are talking about YOUR health! It’s good to learn as much as you can to stay as healthy as possible.