Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting this website. We place a high value on your privacy.

Below, we summarize the information we collect about you during your online visit:

Cookies – Like most websites, we use small pieces of information called "cookies" that are stored on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies let us "remember" information about your preferences and allow you to move within areas of our site fast and easily. These cookies contain anonymous, non-personal information and we do not collect your IP address with them.

Information about your visit – We use standard analytics methods (Google Analytics) and our own administrative database to collect anonymous and aggregate site usage information (e.g., number of unique visits to the website, page views, etc.) We want to understand where users come from and how they use the website.

For users who choose to register for the website, we store your User ID which we tie to your registration survey and basic session and page tracking of your visit (not associated with Google Analytics). The session and page tracking feature is used to understand which pages a user visits so we can tie automated functions within the website to those metrics. For example, we have hearts on the homepage of the website that get “filled up” as you visit all the pages in a given section of the website, and we know that you might not visit all pages during one visit. 

Additionally, people on the iHeartChange Project oversight team will use the session and page tracking data to understand which content users frequent in order to understand user behavior within different groups of visitors (e.g., females or males, patients or family members, etc.). This will help us make updates and improvements to the website in the future.

Survey answers are tied to your User ID but no information will ever be shared with any third parties. All information is securely stored by the website host, located in the Greater Chicago are in the United States.

Third-party sites – This site contains links to external websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any third-party website.

Updates – We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time.  The most current version will always be posted to this website.

Contact Information – If you have any questions, please e-mail the iHeartChange team at [email protected]

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The iHeartChange Project Team

Our project team includes congenital heart disease (CHD) specialists. We also asked local and international experts for their feedback on the website content and surveys.

Toronto Team:

Dr. Luke Burchill (Cardiologist)
Ms. Geraldine Cullen-Dean (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Ms. Jeanine Harrison (Nurse Practitioner)
Dr. Adrienne Kovacs (Psychologist)
Dr. Brian McCrindle (Cardiologist)
Dr. Erwin Oechslin (Cardiologist & Program Director)
Dr. Candice Silversides (Cardiologist)
Dr. Jennifer Stinson (Nurse Practitioner)

Michigan Team:

Dr. Mark Norris (Cardiologist)
Dr. Karen Uzark (Nurse Practitioner)

Calgary Team:

Ms. Yvonne Balon (Nurse Clinician)
Ms. Glenda Durupt (Nurse Manager)

Vancouver Team:

Dr. Jasmine Grewal (Cardiologist)
Ms. Karen LeComte (Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Other Content Reviewers:

Dr. Desiree Fleck (Nurse Practitioner, Philadelphia, PA)
Ms. Tanya Holloway (Exercise Physiologist, Toronto, ON)
Ms. Pamela Miner (Nurse Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA)
Dr. John Reiss (Psychologist, Gainesville, FL)
Dr. Lucy Roche (Cardiologist, Toronto, ON)
Dr. Arwa Saidi (Cardiologist, Gainesville, FL)
Ms. Nishta Saxena (Dietician, Toronto, ON)
Dr. Dominik Stambach (Cardiologist, Toronto, ON)
Dr. Daniel Tobler (Cardiologist, Toronto, ON)
Ms. Elizabeth Tong (Nurse, Boston, MA)