Plan Ahead

Your Turn to PLAN AHEAD

Now that you’re getting older and taking charge of your health you can be the one to make your heart clinic appointment.
Remember, this is your clinic visit!

Your questions and concerns are important and will be a main focus of your clinic visit. Plan ahead and take charge of your appointment.

Checklist: What to take to your appointments

  • A family member or friend (if you want to).
  • Your health insurance card.
  • The name and address of your primary care provider / family doctor.
  • Your medications (or at least a list of medications names and dosages).
  • A list of questions or issues you want to talk about.
  • A book or magazine or music – be prepared to wait!
  • A snack (or money to buy one).
  • A health summary that you can carry with you.
    • One example is the MyHealth Passport developed by SickKids Hospital in Toronto and you can create this by visiting this site. Where it says ‘Create Passport,' select 'Cardiac' and you will be prompted for the information to enter.
    • Here is another example that you can print from the Adult Congenital Heart Association.