Am I Cured?

What’s the short answer?

Most people with CHD are not ‘cured. Even if their heart was ‘repaired’ when they were a baby or child, most people with CHD still require life-long follow-up. Patients may think they are cured because they had surgery or they feel well. Follow-up is important, and the good news is that more and more treatments are available to help people live better and longer lives.  

That’s why it’s important to be followed by a doctor that specializes in CHD for the rest of your life.

What’s the long answer?

Here are 3 reasons why lots of our patients with CHD think they have been ‘cured’.

  1. Some people remember being told they were ‘cured’.
  2. Some people think that their heart surgery fixed everything.
  3. People think they’re fine because they don’t have any symptoms.

But, the truth is that only a few people born with CHD are actually cured.

Surgery and other cardiac procedures are treatments, not cures. Because people with CHD can have new heart problems as they get older, lifelong follow-up is important. The sooner problems are recognized, the sooner they can be treated. And the better the outcome.

Take turning up! One of the biggest mistakes patients make is not coming back to see their doctor because they feel fine. This is a bad idea, because heart problems can start before you notice any symptoms. We recommend regular check-ups with your CHD doctor, even when you’re feeling good. We’re here to keep you and your heart as strong as possible.

Did you know... Not all cardiologists are equally well trained to look after people with CHD. That’s why it’s important to be followed by a doctor that specializes in CHD for the rest of your life. If you're not already being seen in an Adult CHD clinic, you can click here to find an ACHD clinic near you.