Can I drive?

Well, first you’d need your driver's license. But we know that’s not what you’re asking about.

In general, people with CHD do not have extra limits on driving. But, some people have certain conditions (heart rhythm problems) that might cause them to pass out. This is why they are not allowed to drive. Also, people with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) may have some extra limits on driving.

If you’re not sure, you should ask your doctor or nurse about driving. This is usually an easy yes/no question that health providers like!

If you have heart surgery, talk to your doctor or nurse to find out when you’ll be able to drive again.

Basic driving info for all people with CHD

  • If you feel unwell, don’t drive
  • Never drive yourself to the hospital if you’re feeling unwell
  • After most hospital procedures, you won’t be allowed to drive yourself home. Ask a friend or family member to be your chauffeur
  • If you have palpitations (fast heart rates) that make you feel dizzy or lightheaded, do not drive until you see your cardiologist
  • Don’t drink and drive (okay, this one is for everyone)