Alcohol and CHD

Alcohol and CHD

Let’s be honest. We know you might not be of legal drinking age. Some of you will choose never to drink alcohol even after you turn the legal drinking age. But for those of you who will, we hope the following info is helpful.

Many adults with CHD wonder if they can safely drink alcohol. For most people, small amounts of alcohol are okay.

Drinking larger amounts of alcohol (‘binge drinking’) is definitely not safe.

You probably know that many young adults drink more alcohol than they should. What you might not know is that heavy drinking is even worse for people with CHD.

  • Heavy drinking can cause very dangerous heart rhythms
  • Heavy drinking can weaken the heart muscle and lead to heart failure
  • Some kinds of CHD affect the liver and alcohol could further damage the liver
  • Alcohol can interact with your heart medications, making them less effective or even creating a dangerous reaction

There are some people with CHD for whom even small amounts of alcohol are not safe. This includes some people with high blood pressure or some heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias).

Talk to your doctor about how alcohol affects your heart condition.

For more general info about alcohol, check out these websites below:

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