Living with CHD

What are some of the challenges of living with CHD?

Here is a list of things that young adults with CHD have told us can sometimes be difficult. If you have faced one or more of these challenges, know that you’re not alone!

  • Feeling different
  • Looking different
  • It can sometimes be hard to keep up with friends
  • Parents who sometimes seem too involved
  • Moving from pediatric to adult care
  • Thinking a lot about one's heart
  • Having lots of doctor’s visits
  • Remembering to take medications
  • Dealing with medical info that wasn’t expected
  • Getting ready for surgery or a procedure
  • Worrying about future health
  • Deciding if and when to tell other people about their CHD
  • Making decisions about school and work
  • Thinking about having a family one day

Is there anything good about having CHD?

Guess what? Some people tell us that having CHD has led to good things like the following:

  • Focusing on what people can do and like to do (instead of what they can’t do)
  • Feeling strong because they have managed things that other people haven’t
  • Knowing what is most important in life
  • Being comfortable spending time on their own
  • Knowing who their real friends are
  • Having a rich imagination (after spending a lot of time in hospital)
  • Feeling unique!

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