Dr. Lee Benson

Where did you complete most of your training?
Most of my training was at The Hospital for Sick Children.

What is your special area of interest?
My special interest is interventional cardiology in both the adult and child.

What is the best thing about working in CHD?
Often times the heart defects are complex, the children and adults needing surgery and catheterizations….but despite the challenges to repair the hearts ….we, as a team, are able to give the patients a good quality of life. Thus, it’s the outcomes that are most rewarding to see the patients as newborns, grow through childhood to adulthood and have a near normal a life as possible.

What is one thing that you think that all patients with CHD should know?
All patients with CHD should know that they can achieve a normal life, but because of their heart problems, they have a special responsibility to work hard at living a healthy life style. They should also know that whatever heart problem they have to address, they were not the cause of the disease….it just happened, and it was no one’s fault.

If you weren’t a doctor, what would you be?
Classical guitar player!