Karen LeComte

Where did you complete your training?
I did my diploma in nursing at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, completed a certificate in Pediatric Critical Care Nursing at British Columbia Institute of Technology, and followed by an undergrad and graduate degree in Nursing at the University of British Columbia.

What is your special area of interest?
I spent the majority of my career in pediatrics, so I have a particular interest in transition issues – moving from pediatric to adult care. However, my overall interest is achieving the best outcomes for patients with CHD. I love discovering new or better ways to improve the way we deliver care.

What is the best thing about working in the Congenital Heart Disease specialty?
The best thing about working in congenital heart disease is working with amazing patients and an excellent team that is motivated to provide the very best care.

What is one thing that you think that all patients with Congenital Heart Disease should know?
You need to become the expert in your own health. Make sure that you are well informed about your heart condition and please request our assistance if you need help becoming that ‘expert’.

If you weren’t a nurse, what would you be?
I definitely have no regrets about being a nurse – it is a wonderful career with many options and opportunities! I have always thought it would be fabulous to be a photographer for National Geographic, a shoe designer, and I also think I’d like to own and operate a food truck… lots of possibilities!

Do you have any interesting hobbies or talents or pets?
I like to travel, read, cook, swim, I’m a big movie fan and have been seriously considering adopting a dog.