Dr. Santabhanu Chakrabarti

Where did you complete your training?
After graduating my medical school and initial Residency in India, I undertook further subspecialty training in Pediatrics, Congenital Cardiology and Adult Congenital Heart Disease in London, Southampton and Bristol (United Kingdom, 2000-2007) followed by Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship in the University of British Columbia (2007-2009).

What is your special area of interest?
My work includes the two unique and fascinating fields of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Adult Congenital Heart Disease.  I have special interest in arrhythmia management , especially  invasive procedures like complex ablations using  3 D mapping  and device Implantations including  pacemaker, cardiac resynchronisation  therapy and ICD in  adult congenital heart disease population.

What is the best thing about working in the Congenital Heart Disease specialty?The multidisciplinary team approach to complex problems; using knowledge of basic science and advance technology along with clinical sense and compassion to come up with innovative solutions to very unique, patient related situations is the best thing in my practice.

What is one thing that you think that all patients with Congenital Heart Disease should know?
They should know that their stories and achievements motivate many people in the society. We are still learning about their conditions and it will be of great help if they continue to help us learn from them, it is very important to continue follow up in the long term as there are so many unknowns in the journey.

If you weren’t a doctor, what would you be?
Quantum physics fascinates me; I would probably try to be a physicist /scientist but I would be teaching and educating irrespective of whatever I did.

Do you have any interesting hobbies or talents or pets?
Not much time for that but I do love to spend time studying trees and flowers and try my hand at gardening. I am enthusiastic about music but have been advised by many not to pursue it!!