Hayley Eiden

Where did you complete most of your training?
Portland Community College and Cascade Medical School.

What is your special area of interest?
Coordination – I manage the providers’ clinics, scheduling, referrals, insurance issues and source of contact for patients and providers outside of OHSU.

What is the best thing about working in CHD?
Working with a brilliant, compassionate team of providers, nurses, medical assistants and the amazing patients and their family and friends.

What is one thing that you think that all patients with CHD should know?
Our team is here to support you!

If you weren’t a doctor, what would you be?
I’m not a doctor, but if I wasn’t in my current position, I’d most likely be working in event productions.  

Do you have any interesting hobbies or talents or pets?
I have two, outdoorsy adventurous dogs and I love painting and sketching in my free time.